Vanuatu Bijouterie is established in Vanuatu since 1970. Founded by Mr Francois Hainaut, an established jeweller in New Caledonia.

Vanuatu Bijouterie – Fine jewellery is also the first business registered in Vanuatu at its independence in 1980.  It is the first Jewellery manufacturing company based in the South Pacific manned by locally trained Melanesian Fine jewellers.


Vanuatu Bijouterie – Fine Jewellery’s creative direction changes in 2013. Vanuatu Bijouterie went under receivership and is given a new life under the Milfirer family.

Nowadays, the fine jewellery factory is working under the creative direction of Estelle Milfirer. Estelle is a Ni-Vanuatu designer who, with her team of master jewellers, refiners, lapidary technicians and designers, create all the jewellery offered under Vanuatu Bijouterie’s fine collection.

Milfirer’s creative touch brings the fine jewellery house to reach milestones for the island nation. Vanuatu Bijouterie – Fine Jewellery proudly raised the Vanuatu flag in many international jewellery shows.

Milfirer’s unique creations are a hit in the whole South Pacific, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Japan, Sydney, Bangkok and Tel Aviv.

First exhibition of Estelle Milfirer’s creation is at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show in 2016, her Masterpiece features in the local Hong Kong Times.

Vanuatu Bijouterie is supported by its sister company Geolab XP, a powerful metal and minerals analysis laboratory that was established in 2019.