Vanuatu Bijouterie

Vanuatu Bijouterie was founded in Vanuatu in 1971 (then colonial New-Hebrides) by Mr Francois Hainaut, an established French master jeweller in New Caledonia. It was the first business registered in Vanuatu after gaining independence in 1980.  

Vanuatu Bijouterie – Fine Jewellery is the first and only Jewellery manufacturing company in the South Pacific manned by 100% locally trained Melanesian master jewellers and apprentices.

Vanuatu Bijouterie’s team of talented jewellery artisans’ source unique and exclusive local products to be processed with Precious Metals, Tahitian Pearls, Diamonds, Gemstones and other exotic elements, into masterpieces that reflects the Maison’s passion to combine Melanesian traditional art lines with the art of fine jewellery.

Nowadays, Vanuatu Bijouterie – Fine Jewellery is working under the creative direction of Estelle Milfirer, a Ni-Vanuatu artist who, with her team of master jewellers, refiners, lapidary technicians and apprentices, design and create every jewel offered under Vanuatu Bijouterie’s fine jewellery collections.

Creations by Estelle & her Vanuatu Bijouterie team of talented jewellers are gifted by the State House of Vanuatu to dignitaries such as Queen Elizabeth, Lady Diana, Prince Charles, Michelle Obama and other head of states around the world. A few of Estelle’s creations were featured in the Hong Kong Times, Fuji San Magazine, local media and online publications. 

Estelle & her team’s creative touch brings the fine jewellery house to reach milestones for the island nation. Vanuatu Bijouterie – Fine Jewellery proudly participated and raised the Vanuatu flag in international jewellery shows in HK, BKK, SYD, UEA, New Caledonia and more.