Vanuatu Bijouterie – Fine Jewellery

South Pacific’s High-End Manufacturing Jewellers and artisans

Vanuatu Bijouterie – Fine Jewellery is an established jewellery manufacturing house, based in Vanuatu since the 1970’s and registered in the 1980’s after Vanuatu’s independence.

Precious metal dealers and gemstones dealers. Vanuatu Bijouterie alloys and refines all gold. Under the creative direction of South Pacific Fine jewellery designer – Estelle Milfirer


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All jewellery related services are offered in Vanuatu Bijouterie. Repairs, ring sizings and creations are made with client’s gold and gems. (conditions apply)

Vanuatu Bijouterie is backed by an analytical laboratory. Metal purity can be measured to exact precision and gemstones can be checked for authenticity.


Estelle Milfirer - Vanuatu Bijouterie Creations

Finest of Melanesia. Pure white Vanuatu circled tusk set with diamonds and a Tahitian pearl.